ongoing exhibition breeze 10.06.-03.07.2022

Kunstverein Familie Montez Frankfurt

solo show

opening reception June 10, 2022, 6 pm

finissage with catalogue presentation July 3, 2022, 4 pm

new catalogue

:innen malen

isbn 978-3-949312-42-7

kann-verlag frankfurt

picture @ mirek macke

shades I


70 x 50 cm

dyed cotton on stretcher frame



size approximate 250 cm

copper pipe, plaster, lacquer paint, dyed cotton, cord, rubber, wood, cardboard

I work on projects, on certain subjects and themes which I want to elaborate. The art work can be a painting, a drawing, a film, a photo, a collage, a 3Dwork or an installation. I consider myself as a conceptional based artist.


"...Toni Wombacher is a finder. She finds materials and subjects, things, techniques, which she works up, manipulates and alienates. Her creative work is definitely unconventional. She is in a certain way unpredictable...."

Maike Trentin-Meyer, Direktorin Deutschordensmuseum Bad Mergentheim