I work on projects, on certain subjects and themes which I want to elaborate. The art work can be a painting, a drawing, a film, a photo, a collage, a 3Dwork or an installation. I consider myself as a conceptional based artist.


"...Toni Wombacher is a finder. She finds materials and subjects, things, techniques, which she works up, manipulates and alienates. Her creative work is definitely unconventional. She is in a certain way unpredictable...."

Maike Trentin-Meyer, Direktorin Deutschordensmuseum Bad Mergentheim, 12/2016 


"Toni Wombacher is an outstanding, emerging artist. Her Art, while surely of our time, is enduring. Working across and through conceptual, formal and content lines, and with varieties of materials, Ms. Wombacher is creating distinctive, strong, beautiful and intelligent work of Art. During Toni Wombacher's recent stay, here in New York City, it has been a pleasure to have been able to see this artist's outstanding new work, directly."

Bruce Dorfman, Instructor, The Art Students League of New York, 2018