I work on projects, on certain subjects and themes which I want to elaborate. The art work can be a painting, a drawing, a film, a photo, a collage, a 3Dwork or an installation. I consider myself as a conceptional based artist.


"...Toni Wombacher is a finder. She finds materials and subjects, things, techniques, which she works up, manipulates and alienates. Her creative work is definitely unconventional. She is in a certain way unpredictable...."

Maike Trentin-Meyer, Direktorin Deutschordensmuseum Bad Mergentheim


upcoming / ongoing / past

FRANK TRIFFT BER / polarraum / hamburg 29.09.2023 - 30.10.2023

in the field of floating / alte schmelze / milchsackfabrik / frankfurt 10.-20.08.2023

breeze ll / alte dorfkirche hausen / 18.06.2023 - 16.07.2023

48 h neukölln / Berlin / 23.6. – 24.6.2023

installation »drifting« BOBs Haltestellen / spring 2023 / on 5 locations in aschaffenburg


a new work at Bob's stops. The first thing that catches the eye are the ornamental images designed in harsh black and white contrast, curved organic shapes that vaguely recall landscapes, roads and paths, waves or plant life. All these images are created by rotations, enlargements and reflections of an initial image. This is a representation of two organic cell-like forms. This image is not seen in the installation. What can be seen are fragments of it, which, through the respective grouping at the individual locations of the stop, become new pictorial friezes that open up a space of association for the viewer, allowing concepts of distance, landscape, travel, dynamics and locomotion to emerge. What is striking is the large, almost signal-like distant effect of the images, which change the appearance of the place. If the viewer steps closer, he discovers another dimension of the work. Quotations from the novel "The Sea Is My Brother" by Jack Kerouac appear in individual images. These deal with being on the move, with closeness and distance not only in spatial but also in psychological terms. Just as black and white represents the greatest possible contrast between two colors, just as the two individual cells in the initial image stand at a distance from one another, Toni Wombacher's work tells us something about the distances within ourselves and between people, and about the difficulties of overcoming them. (text by Edwin Schäfer)


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:innen malen

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